Personal Transformation through Liminal Space

6-Week Coaching Program


We are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever. Over two billion people have been catapulted into “liminal space” – normal life has been disrupted and yet no one knows exactly how this pandemic will impact us as individuals or as a society, long term.

Significant unexpected life events – what we call “earthquake events” - such as the one we are currently experiencing, can crack us open emotionally.  They’re disorienting, anxiety-causing, scary. They can also be like a blank canvas upon which almost anything could be painted, offering a great opportunity for creativity, for learning, for healing, for post traumatic growth or PTG.

Never has your success been more dependent upon the transformational capabilities of your leaders.


This six-week coaching/training program is specifically designed to equip your leadership talent with the tools necessary to navigate an unprecedented period of challenge.

Based on research and insights from leaders who have used time in liminal space to personally transform, the process supports individuals through 6 one-hour sessions with an Executive Coach and includes the Enneagram personality typing, online assessments, readings, journaling and other tools. The result is leadership transformation that moves individual participants toward the very best version of themselves, aligned with values and prepared to steer through challenge and change.


  •       To experience positive transformation through COVID 19     
  •       To explore, learn, reframe and grow
  •       To ultimately build capacity to deal with crisis


  1.     Understand the Power of Liminal Space
  2.     Discover your Core Fear
  3.     Build Self Awareness - Part 1 Values
  4.     Build Self Awareness - Part 2 Enneagram
  5.     Fill your Bucket
  6.     Sustain your Transformation 

Ring the bells that still can ring.  Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen, The Anthem

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